Since 2013, the organisation has the objectives to gather mosaic artists from Belgium and abroad, in order to share their passion, love and work of Mosaic Art. The organisation also follows objectives of sharing knowledge and experience on the theme of creativity between the different regional economic stakeholders and environments where it takes place, in collaboration with the professional mosaic artists, but also amateurs. The organization also invites artists other than Mosaic Artists to share their multi-disciplinary experience.

Support of the Organisation BEMOSAIC:

BEMOSAIC has structured as a non-profit organisation since 2015. Should you wish to support the initiative, the exchanges and sharing between artists and the different economic stakeholders in your region, we invite you to participate in the activities of this biennal, and also to contact us directly for all support and specific requests, as an organisation, or an individual person.

What People Say about Us

The most beautiful place to discover the mosaic in Belgium !

A superb international mosaic exhibition !

A beautiful gathering of mosaic enthusiasts !